About Equitable Arlington

Arlington Park Circle Water Tower by Betty Stone
Park Circle Water Tower, by Betty Stone

We are a group of Arlington residents who agree about the importance of equitable housing and land-use policies. Together, we take action to raise awareness, support existing programs, and advocate for changes to our zoning bylaw. Some of us own homes, and some of us rent. We are long-term residents who’ve lived in town for decades, and new residents who’ve lived here for a few months. We meet bimonthly, typically over Zoom, and eagerly welcome new members. If interested, you can contact us via info@equitable-arlington.org.

Join Us!

We believe:

Everyone needs housing

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, suitable place to live.

Everyone is welcome

We value racial, gender, sexual, generational, economic, and all other forms of diversity.

Change starts with conversation

We are committed to respectful dialogue and to strengthening our community by listening to our neighbors and sharing accurate information.

Think big, act small

We recognize that housing is a regional problem, but our local actions matter. Our goals are ambitious and will require creativity, compromise, flexibility, and sustained commitment.