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More on Housing Needs in Arlington

  • Town Manager presentation to Select Board on need for increasing housing
  • Watertown, MA, an inner suburb of about 36,000 people north west of Boston, undertook a planning study for a major new housing development effort in the “Pleasant Street Corridor Development” area. The Ordinance establishes the new zoning, dimensional criteria, parking requirements, design guidelines, environmental sustainability guidelines, and development incentives for the area. It’s framework can be seen as a model for other, similar municipalities striving to increase their housing availability and affordability in a growing region.
  • Cities and towns are turning to a “real estate transfer fee” tool that can draw on property sales to provide a growing fund for affordable housing in the community. This particular model is from Brookline MA, pop. 59,000, a town in the western suburbs of Boston.
  • Two recent reports are filled with data and analysis on the state of housing in the greater Boston area, report by The Boston Foundation, and on the state of housing in the nation, report by Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University.

More on Data Sources

Mass Housing Partnership’s Center for Housing Data. See in particular “DataTown” which provides certain data by municipality.