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Access to housing ties together so many of the issues that I care about, like equitable access to education, equitable access to transit, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have the ability to make a difference on these issues at the local level in Arlington! —‍Sanjay
In order to realize the vision that many of us share for Arlington as an equitable, diverse, and socially responsible town, we need to do our part to increase housing options. My husband and I moved to Arlington in 2003 and are raising our family here. We are fortunate that my dad was able to join us ten years later. Having multiple generations living in proximity is good for communities and resource sharing and we need to do more to make that an option that is feasible for more families. —‍Jane
Our town should have housing available for people at various income levels, for people at various stages of their lives, and that help create a resilient, diverse, and vibrant community where all people can thrive. To create such a community is a major challenge of our time. I look forward to working with others to meet that challenge. —‍Eugene
15 years ago we chose to live in Arlington because it was neither suburban nor urban and we could afford it. We loved the community so much that after moving to India for 3 years we realized that home was really Arlington and came back! Too few families can make that same choice today given the limited affordable housing options we have. If we want to maintain diversity and the fabric of this amazing community, we must pay attention to housing. —‍Priya
I love Arlington because it is a strong, caring and diverse community that has been a wonderful place for our family to grow and thrive. Housing is our backbone, and everyone needs and deserves decent housing. Adding a diversity of housing choices supports our strong sense of community. —‍Laura
We need to build housing for people of all income levels to grow the diversity of our community. And to address climate change, we need to let more people live in walkable neighborhoods near public transit. —‍Xavid
Access to safe and affordable housing is a basic social justice issue for me and for my family. Arlington is a wonderful and welcoming community with lots to offer. I am grateful to have had this community in which to raise my family over the past 30 years, and I want to do whatever I can to make sure that others can too: that includes people of varying incomes and wealth, and from varied backgrounds, because that is what will help us stay vital, vibrant and welcoming. —‍Nora
Arlington has so many great things: Great teachers, great neighbors, the bike path, thriving businesses and parks. Can we create more possibilities for a wide variety of folks to be neighbors here—while also addressing climate change and improving transit? —‍Charley
Great communities have room for people of diverse ages, income and backgrounds. Let’s build on Arlington’s strengths – access to jobs, education, and cultural opportunities, neighborhoods that are walkable, bikeable and close to transit – to make our town a more diverse, vibrant and welcoming community! —‍Jennifer & Andy
I love how my family can live, learn, and grow in Arlington and that we can get around walking, biking, and riding the bus. I want more housing in town so more people can access the opportunities and sustainable transportation options here. Building more housing in places like Arlington helps create alternatives to high-carbon sprawl and car dependency, and it’s a chance to do our part in the fight against climate change. —‍Anson
I feel lucky to have afforded a modest home in Arlington. In order to ensure those in the future can still have this opportunity, we must proactively build our housing supply as demand continues to grow. We should also continue to focus on what makes neighborhoods great: increased connectivity and efficient transport via walking, biking, and transit; lively spaces that draw small businesses and customers; and sustainability. —‍Emily
​​Like many I am worried about what we are losing—the difficulty for our seniors, teachers, and public servants to afford living here. We need to lift bans that prevent modest homes in Arlington like duplexes and triplexes. We can be a leader here. We can make a real difference. —‍Jennifer & Jonathan
I love Arlington because of its beautiful public spaces, abundant public art, and, above all, the strong sense of community. However, as a renter, being a homeowner in Arlington feels inaccessible to me. I support the creation of more housing options so our town can become more inclusive of our future neighbors. —‍Christine
I’m so lucky to be able to live in Arlington and raise my children here. I want others to share in this opportunity and for my kids to have the option to stay in Arlington as they grow into adults. Housing, abundantly and affordably available, is critical. —‍Ben
Affordable housing will bring more diversity to Arlington, stability to families and reduce poverty and homelessness.
It will help young families be able to live in our community. —‍Catherine
American cities are facing a housing crisis. The lack of housing in greater Boston communities, where jobs and transportation are available, has been worsening social, racial, economic and climate injustice. Arlington has the opportunity to be a leader — and we will benefit as a community from the added diversity and energy. —‍Jim
Low and middle income families are priced out of many Massachusetts communities, including Arlington. Arlington needs to do its part to rectify this statewide housing shortage by permitting a greater variety of housing, especially affordable units. More affordable housing near Arlington’s many public transit options will create a healthier, more equitable community for all. —‍Linda
As recent first-time homebuyers, we are intimately familiar with how incredibly expensive both the local rental and home-buying markets have become and the burdens that this places on many community members. The increasing size of the regional workforce will only make these problems worse unless Arlington, along with neighboring communities, makes changes at the local level to prevent people from being priced out of our town. —‍Matt & Christina
I was lucky to be able to afford a home in Arlington, but with ever-escalating housing costs, I worry about my kids and generations to come. If we don’t build enough housing, the homes that we do have will be out of reach for too many. —‍Greg
I love having neighbors who’ve lived in Arlington for decades, next to those who are more recent. I support an approach to growth that allows for housing choices that meet a variety of current needs, and allow people to remain in the community as their needs evolve. —‍Steve
I believe that smart growth policies, like building new housing next to transit and job centers, is a critical tool for reducing transportation greenhouse gas emissions, reducing vehicle miles traveled, and preventing the worst effects of global warming. —‍Steve
The housing shortage in the Boston area is a source of financial strain and insecurity for too many people. In Arlington we can play our part in addressing this problem by allowing modest housing like duplexes and triplexes. These smaller homes also use less energy and take up less land; we should make it possible for more people in Arlington to choose these sustainable options. —‍Gillian
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to live and raise my children in Arlington. I want to see an Arlington where others of all backgrounds have that same opportunity, no matter their stage of life. —‍Joe
Providing sufficient housing is a primary justice issue of our time. As a land use professor, I know that where we live affects everything from environmental impact to educational opportunity. As a new mom, I want my son to grow up in a diverse, engaged community, and I worry that our lack of sufficient housing prevents other young people and families from calling Arlington home. —‍Molly
I envision Arlington as a diverse, vibrant, transit-oriented town, with strong schools and libraries, housing choices for everyone, and a friendly, tolerant community. —‍Pat
Access to safe, affordable housing is a basic human need. Arlington has the ability to create, and promote, a diverse housing stock to allow people from all life stages, experiences, and professions to live together in this beautiful, vibrant, and supportive community. —‍Liz
Everyone should be able to find safe and affordable housing. We should be working to make that possible. —‍Alex
I believe housing is a human right. We are all in this together and we need to take care or each other. —‍Annie
We need more affordable housing throughout our region to fill thousands of open jobs and to grow our economy. Every community, including ours, must do its part to initiate creative solutions to our housing crisis. Everyone in Arlington will benefit from an increase in affordable housing. —‍Jeff
Housing is a basic human right. Arlington can do better in providing more housing—other families, seniors and everyone deserves the same benefits we have enjoyed during the 50 years we have live in Arlington. —‍Ed & Paulette 

Our family lives in a renovated worker’s cottage in Hendersonville. We are grateful for all the mobility options in the area, including robust MBTA service, biking and walking paths, and access to main routes when we need to drive. Arlington has strong bones on which to add housing and increase density, which breeds community and vibrancy. Diversified and increased housing stock will allow more opportunities for inter-generational housing, which helps families support the care of both young and old, which we hope to do here in Arlington. —‍Scott, Karena, & Evelyn

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