1. Master Plan

Arlington Continues Master Plan Discussions

The citizens of Arlington engaged in an active and well publicized discussion about all the elements of a proposed new town Master Plan.  These discussions took place in well attended public meetings held, primarily, at the Senior Center/ Central School’s main public meeting space.  They were held in a series of meetings, each meeting considering one “element” or subject of the proposed master plan between late 2014 and early 2015.  Each of the elements was presented by staff and consultants, and thoroughly discussed by a wide range of citizen attendees.  After additional discussion in Town Meeting, Town Meeting members voted to adopt the Master Plan in the spring of 2015.

Following is a list of each of the elements of the Master Plan that were discussed and approved at that 2015 Town Meeting.   The links lead to a more detailed description of each of the Master Plan elements.

What as a Master Plan?

Article 1 in a series on the Arlington, MA master planning process. Located about 15 miles north west of Boston, the Town of Arlington is now developing a master plan that will reflect the visions and expectations of the community and will provide enabling steps for the community to move toward this vision over the… Read More

Arlington Choices for Future Land Use

Article 2 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.  Arlington, relative to other communities in the region, is a densely developed residential suburb with some commercial centers and a variety of interesting, walkable neighborhoods spread over a topography of hills, streams, ponds and flat lands. The Town’s property… Read More

Traffic and Transportation Issues Shape Arlington’s Future

Article 3 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.   A conversation about transportation issues extends well beyond rush hour car traffic congestion.  As the Town contemplates its future 20 years from now, should it build wider streets, wider bike paths, wider sidewalks or none of the above? If… Read More

Arlington Master Plan Considers Economic Development

Article 4 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.  Most of Arlington’s budget depends on the Town’s tax base. As the cost of services increases, the Town budget must increase. Massachusetts communities are limited in their ability to increase taxes on existing property. Many municipalities have developable land… Read More

Housing Choices Shape Affordability and Vitality of Town Future

Article 5 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.  The Master Plan will have a distinct section focusing on housing and in Arlington there will be much to decide. Housing prices in Arlington are among the fastest rising in the region. According to a recent article in the… Read More

Master Plan to Preserve Open Space and Natural Resources for Future

Article 6 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.   Arlington residents value the town’s walkability, woodlands and water vistas and tree lined streets. It will require careful Town policy and citizen advocacy to preserve these valuable assets for the future. The Master Plan, now in draft form… Read More

Arlington History Preserved in New Master Plan

Article 7 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process.  Reminders of Arlington’s Revolutionary War history are scattered throughout the town. The town, first inhabited by the Algonquian group of Native Americans, then settled by European colonists in 1635 and incorporated in 1807, took its current name in… Read More

Public Buildings and Services:  How Much Dues Municipality Need?

Article 8 in a series on the Arlington, MA Master Planning process. Prepared by Barbara Thornton Town buildings, both school and municipal, comprise 1.3 million square feet of building space. That is a lot of property to maintain. And it doesn’t include the Town’s open space, parks and fields. Some properties key to the town’s… Read More

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