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Arlington & Exclusionary Zoning History

A report by Mass Housing Partnership’s Shelly Goehring looks at Arlington’s housing development history and policies to understand how municipal action and inaction can contribute to housing inaffordability and can limit the population diversity within a community. The report implies that it has been difficult historically for reputable housing developers to work with the regulatory structure within Arlington to get housing built.

Massachusetts has the nation’s 2nd largest gap in homeownership between households of color (31% own homes) and white households (69% own homes).

See the complete report for more information.

1924: Arlington was pro-growth. 1945: Zoning district allows 4 stories, 60 ft building heights
1970’s: Anti-growth movement reverses prior policy Stops multi-family development Reduces density in more zoning districts
2015: Arlington re-examines zoning, begins to see current residents priced out of housing, Transit corridors become more important Master Plan completed
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