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Increasing Affordable Housing in Arlington

As the public hearings on the zoning articles proceeded in late winter and early spring, 2019, it became clear that there was a very strong sentiment that the proposed increase in density in these designated zoning districts should result in an increase in affordable housing in Arlington. This coincided with the approved 2015 Master Plan’s stated goals:

  • Encourage mixed-use development that includes affordable housing, primarily in well-established commercial areas.
  • Provide a variety of housing options for a range of incomes, ages, family sizes, and needs.
  • Preserve the “streetcar suburb” character of Arlington’s residential neighborhoods.
  • Encourage sustainable construction and renovation of new and existing structures (see ch. 5, pg 77++ for housing section)
  • The Yes on 16 report supports the citizen initiated petition resulting in Article 16 and demonstrates the tremendous impact of rapidly increasing land values on the overall affordability of property in Arlington. Building a stack of homes on one footprint is far more financially affordable than creating a single home on the same footprint of land.
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